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I was born towards the end of the 1940’s where simplicity was a requirement of living after the war. I have spent the first fifty years of life on farms where the diversity of nature shows the importance of the web of life of how everything has to work together for the whole. This comes from a knowing that everyone has a part to play in the purpose of humanity.


From an innate knowing as a child that there was a purpose for life I have pursued many paths searching for that truth, often the search was by looking outside of myself when the fact is that purpose and truth come from within and are continually fed by our alignment to God.

I have experienced family life, community involvement, group meetings and some travel around the world where life shows the importance of true love for humanity and the value of observation instead of imposition or absorption of energy. What also became evident is that when we are consciously present with the present moment in what we are doing we are protected from harm because we are with our co-creator, God. I wasn’t brought up with religious beliefs, thank God, as this has allowed a more open assessment of life. God is what we are, and without God (the energy of our divineness) we would not be here, have a body or be anything because we are all living in the field of God. God doesn’t belong to any religion because God is what we are, or Sons of God if you prefer.

This book shares my love of simplicity of truth and the experiences of life that brought a return to the keys to life through living the constellations from the stars that we are returning to.

Be the star that you are, be the star of your life by living the simplicity of truth.

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