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People are waking up and asking ‘what is going on? The next question should be why because until we understand the why there will be no true answers. The crux of the matter is we have been led to believe that we are only human, we think we think and that we are individuals and not responsible for the supply of our demands, because we do not understand we are always subjects of energy. There are two energies that people are living by alignment to – one that lies or one that delivers truth.

The history of humanity is littered with abuse in its many forms all stemming from the one lie that we are separate beings. How much further can we journey in life by disregarding the truth of our body and relying on the so-called intelligence that supports separation? We have come to the end of the illusion of time and are now in the space of expanded awareness and consciousness, but are we aware of this fact? People are waking up to the lies because they do not make sense. The science and health that is sprouted by those who desire control is not valid as it changes from day to day. This reveals the lies that we all have been feeding and relying on, even if we didn’t acknowledge it.


This is the purpose of Keys to Life – The Simplicity of Truth, to return the truth to our awareness because within us we all know truth. The question is – are we willing to live truth or are we going to keep feeding the lies? The lies of supremacist energy will fail, how long it takes depends upon all of us to starve creation’s energy of lies into oblivion.

The truth is being brought out into the open as the corrupt systems of creation are exposed. The truth is that we are all one Soul and one family of humanity, this is the one-unified-truth. Nothing can stop the truth because it never alters, it is sustained by the Laws of the Universe. The truth will set us free and it is simple.

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