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KEYS TO LIFE - The simplicity of truth

The evil of ‘doing good’ is evident as the loss of freedom of movement, sound and intelligence. This is obvious at this moment in our history as the world reeks under the stench of ‘this will save you, is good for you, and it is mandatory that you accept it’ ideal. True freedom is to live love by knowing the truth that we are the subjects of energy, but which energy are we aligning to?

The crux of our problems is that we have not yet realised that we are energetic beings and are either living truth or existing with lies. Truth comes from living connected to our divineness and our body’s innate knowing of truth. Lies come from resisting the simplicity of truth we all have access to equally so. This is the model of life we are existing with in the world but the lies are being exposed and the simplicity of truth is uncovered. The simplicity of truth will set you free and return your Keys to Life.

KEYS TO LIFE - The simplicity of truth

  • Standard postage includes 1 or 2 books only.

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